We offer day porter services for high density, high traffic facilities - including large office buildings, campuses, apartment and condominium complexes and others that require cleaning services throughout the day. In addition to maintaining and re-stocking restrooms and daily cleaning of public areas, these employees follow a customized schedule of daytime tasks and provide an added layer of security and professionalism to any facility.

While janitors do not typically interact with building occupants or the public, day porters/matrons are always in the public eye. We ensure that day porters are provided with clean, well-fitting uniforms, and have good customer service skills.

Some standard day porter responsibilities include:

  • Cleaning of entries and public access areas

  • Trash and debris removal around exterior walkways and landscaped areas

  • Cleaning, stocking and maintenance of restrooms

  • Immediate spill clean-up and carpet spotting

  • Entry glass, elevator and high traffic floor cleaning

  • Emptying, cleaning, and relining trash bins

  • Cleaning and tidying of kitchens, exterior sidewalks, lobbies and reception areas.

  • Executive Services